Alternator Sales & Repair


Alternators are part of a vehicles charging system and if they are faulty will cause the battery to either over charge or not charge at all. Often when this happens, a battery will be changed without the owner having the charging system checked. This can result in the unnecessary purchase of a new battery. The problem could be as easy as a Fan Belt needing replacing or tightening. As with a Starter Motor, once the problem is isolated our technicians can offer advice.

Should the Alternator be at fault this will almost always be, the removal of the alternator from the vehicle, stripping it down and testing all the internal parts. Once this has been done, we can give options on the repairs. Depending on the type of problem, the type of Alternator and the type of environment (hardworking and harsh conditions) our technicians can talk through the options and on occasions give advice on what would be the best alternative.

It is our intention to do a job like this within 24 hours, depending on the availability of parts.