Vehicle Lighting

Automotive lighting is also part of our core business. We carry a large range of bulbs and accessories to suit most applicaitons of headlights, stop/tail lights and indicators. We can also get from our main supplier, who is local, stock which we dont carry normally, within the hour. However complete headlight and rear light assemblies usually need to be ordered in. In this day of safety awareness, the fitting of Day Running lights is also part of our trade. To pass a Warrant of Fitness your headlights and fog lights need to be aligned correctly, a job which we can also take care of. Industrial and Commercial lighting is also available through us, be it a Revoloving or Rotating Lamp, a Spot Light or Work Lamp, Warning Lights or Reflectors we can supply and install as required.

Accessories such as strip lighting and map reading lamps are readily available as are all your marine lighting requirements